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Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (APICAM)

If you are visiting APICAM2022 from overseas, make sure you check your visa requirements. Some nationalities require a visa to travel to Australia. As such, it is best to begin the visa application process as soon as possible. You can find resources to help in applying for your visa below.

Request a Visa Letter

To request an official visa invitation letter for APICAM2022, please contact Tanya Smith on

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

Citizens of certain countries can apply for a free travel visa online (AUD 20 processing fee). This visa is valid for three months and allows you to travel throughout Australia, go on a cruise and conduct business-related activities, as long as you are not drawing an Australian wage.

You can check your eligibility for the ETA here.

If you are ineligible for an ETA, you can use this tool to check which visa you need to apply for.

Visa Application Process

It’s essential that you begin the process of applying for a visa as soon as possible. The ETA can be granted in as little as a day if it completed properly, but delays can occur. If you need to apply for a different the visa, the process will take longer and even up to a month.

Gathering Necessary Documents

To expedite the process as much as possible, make sure you have all necessary documents before beginning the process. Documents to collect include:

  • Passport
  • Genuine Visitor Documents that prove you are only coming to Australia as a visitor (letter from family, itinerary of plans, flight home, proof of job in home country)
  • Proof of ability to support yourself (bank statement, proof of salary, etc.)

Travelling With Your Family

In most cases, you will need to apply for ETA’s or visas for your family when you apply for your own entry. Applying for a family visa could add time to the process.

Conference Location

For your reference during the visa application process, you can find the address of the conference below.

RMIT University
445 Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

When listing your address in Australia use the address of your hotel.


Legal Disclaimer

Please note that Materials Australia and APICAM2022 provide all information above related to visas and via applications as general information only. This should not be taken as legal advice. Conference delegates and all other individuals should always seek specific legal advice from a professional, qualified immigration lawyer.